Sha-i-Kot Valley, Afghanistan, March 17, 2002

I recall being in front of Stephen as the BG Tac HQ descended the Whale down to the Exfil Helicopter Landing Site. Having been around soldiers and soldier profanity all of my adult life, I'd have never believed that a flat-faced civilian could out-cuss military men had I not heard it myself! A near-endless litany of venom-laced profanity directed towards the Mountain, the Army, our Mountain Operations Guide (apologies to Sgt Thomas Harper), his choice of fingernail-hold routes, and just about everything else you can think of! Stephen was NOT a happy camper that day. To his credit however, he did what was required of him during those crazy days. Truth be told, we probably SHOULD have been roped-in, but we had no ropes! Anyhow, Stephen's surprisingly "salty" language is one of my best memories from Op HARPOON. — Maj. Mark Campbell, Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting & Reconnaissance Officer, 3rd Battalion, PPCLI Battlegroup. Kandahar, Afghanistan